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How VR and AR became the dominant medium for entertainment and communication

In this series we discuss the history, rise and future of VR/AR but also try to clear confusions or misconceptions that surrounds those new technologies.

DSL Collection - Virtual Reality Exhibition Application

For the first time the museum space was created around the artworks rather than fitting them into an existing space.

Custot Gallery, Dubai - 3D iOS Application

In partnership with Ikonospace, Custot Gallery Dubai became the first commercial art gallery to have a stand-alone iOS app for mobile and tablets. The app is available on the Appstore and hosts exhibitions by Ian Davenport, Nick Brandt and Richard Hoglund among others.

Cromwell Place - 3D VR Application

Ikonospace was commissioned to create a Virtual Reality exhibition of the celebrated artist Norman Seeff in October 2017. The virtual exhibition transports the audience into the yet unfinished Pavillion gallery, set to open late 2019

Kunstverein Hannover - Ikonospace Pro Student Demonstration

Ikonospace Pro Student Demonstration. Founded in 1832, the Kunstverein Hannover is an art association, now one of the oldest and most prestigious of the circa 300 German Kunstvereins. The association was looking to organise a Curation & Exhibition Planning workshop for the local art students.

Ikonospace PRO
The easiest way to build and visualise art exhibitions in 3D
with no 3D design skills required.