Artificial Tears VR

Virtual Reality Art Installation

First showcased at the Berlin Photo Week Berlin in 2019, ‘Artificial Tears VR’ is a reinterpretation of the photographic series of artist Evelyn Bencicova.

Service provided:

  • Consultancy and project management
  • Experience design
  • 3d scanning, photogrammetry and 3d creation
  • Virtual Reality development
  • On-site design and installation

The installation is a set of 5 large scale prints intertwined with a VR artwork and 3D soundscapes. It aims to challenge mainstream views on photography through an immersive journey narrated by the main character as it wanders through several surreal digital landscapes – a product of its own imagination.

Bencicova joins forces with Arielle Esther (Sound Design) and Joris Demnard (VR production - CEO Ikonospace) to create a multi-layered experience connecting physical installation with its virtual counterpart.

From Left to right: Evelyn Bencicova, Joris Demnard, Arielle Esther at Berlin Photo Week 2019

Artificial Tears Virtual Reality

Artificial Tears traveller at Berlin Photo Week Berlin 2019