Immersive websites
Leveraging the
3rd dimension
Our team specialise in the latest 3D web technologies, opening a new realm of engagement through virtual visits, AR experiences, real-time interactions, participative tools, etc...

We are happy to assist in the full scope of the development, from concept to delivery.
LOEWE virtual museum website
The Dead Sea Virtual Museum, Dead Sea Revival Project, 2021
The art of
Cloning the
real world
Bringing real works of art into the digital world can be a daunting task.

We stay on top of this rapidly-evolving industry to help you select the best technologies for your needs.

3D scanning, photogrammetry, 3D modeling, and architectural work are only a few of the services our team can provide.
Photogrammetry of an artwork in the LOEWE Craft Prize 2021 virtual exhibition by IKONOSPACE
Photogrammetry of a work of art: LOEWE Craft Prize, LOEWE FOUNDATION, 2021
Bringing digital objects within the real world is already possible thanks to augmented reality.

As the line blurs between real and digital, AR offers new ways to experience artworks, at scale, within the comfort of your home.
Augmented Reality artwork: LOEWE CRAFT PRIZE, 2021
Dead Sea Revival Project, IKONOSPACE
The Dead Sea Museum
Imagine if a museum could just float in the center of the Dead Sea. Set to draw awareness to the disapearance of the body of water, the project has attracted exhibition from celebrated photographers such as Spencer Tunick.
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LOEWE, LOEWE Foundation
LOEWE Craft Prize
See how IKONOSPACE was able to make the LOEWE Craft Prize a fully digital experience in 2021, allowing the show to go on despite cancellation for the physical exhibition. due to the pandemic.
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Looking for even more immersion?
Find out more how Virtual Reality and Metaverse technologies can help you transport your visitors into new realities for experiences they will not forget.