DSL Collection

Virtual Reality Museum

Dominique and Sylvain Levy are the founders of the DSL Collection, one of the rare Chinese contemporary art collections in France. Since 2005, the aim of Levy’s strong team has been to assemble Chinese artworks to have a massive digital presence in the Art World. The reason why they decided to become one of the biggest collectors in this sector of the Art World is to go with the flow of change brought by China which has become a superpower in recent years. This evolution is changing the face of the world as technology is modifying the way humans interact with the real world.

The Ikonospace team created for the Dominique and Sylvain Levy’s private art collection a virtual museum from scratch. The challenge for our team was to build a space large enough to contain pieces from their collection that could hardly be housed inside a physical museum. For example, the 15x6m masterpiece of Jia Aili, an artist from Dandong who combines modern elements with a traditional figurative style. His work is mostly focused on the dramatic technological transformation China has been going through in the last fifty years.

"Untitled" 2000 by Jia Aili

The philosophy of the DSL collection fits perfectly with Ikonospace's mission to tell, through the use of virtual reality and technology, how it can be possible to transport the future into the Art World.

The DSL Collection Virtual Reality Museum was born in 2016 and was the first of its kind. For the first time, our team managed to create a museum space around the artworks rather than fitting them into an existing space.

Unveiled at the FIAC Art Fair in Paris, the experience invited users to discover 30 artworks and went on to receive the “Digital Collection of the Year” award on Larry’s list, one of the biggest leading art market knowledge company providing data, research and access to contemporary art collectors.

In 2016, this innovative and truly eye-opening virtual reality museum, allowed visitors to access the first online private museum in the world. Thanks also to this French couple, Ikonospace was able to start spreading its vision of the future of technology as a tool to reach new audiences all over the world and facilitate different types of novel experiences through the use of the VR. 

Service provided:

  • Consultancy and project management
  • Experience and exhibition design
  • 3D creation
  • Architectural design
  • Virtual Reality development
  • iOS development