John Martin Private Viewing Room

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John Martin Gallery was looking for a second more intimate viewing room to showcase only few artworks at a time.

Heavily inspired by their main exhibition spaces in London, the private viewing room is ideal for intimate exhibitions.

Currently shown:

Lost in Colour and Light

“Losing access to my studio has been a big deal for me. It’s where I spend most of my time, every day of every week. I’m normally very fortunate, working in a large studio space, plenty of room to paint big. So to find myself having to adapt to such a small space at home, a little corner of a room really, has proved a big challenge. Of course artists have always had to adapt to their circumstances, just as we are all having to now. My wife and I had hoped to be making a trip to France soon so my mind went there instead.

“The painters I’ve been thinking about for my group of paintings – Monet, Bonnard, Soutine and Gauguin, all had their own forms of isolation. I thought of Monet happily dabbing away in the peaceful solitude of Giverny. Bonnard, self-exiling to the South of France to escape the invasion of Paris during the Second World War and finding his own unique beauty there in contrast to all the ugliness he left behind. Soutine, whose singular vision of such personal expression has always been a fascination to me, like something to be unlocked. And Gauguin, seeking a new start and arriving in a strange land which, to begin with, must have seemed so otherworldly. A new landscape to truly be lost in.

“For a few weeks, these paintings have let me be happily lost too.”

Barry McGlashan

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