Kunstverein Hannover

Ikonospace Pro Student Demonstration

Founded in 1832, the Kunstverein Hannover is one of the oldest art associations and most prestigious of the circa 300 German Kunstvereins. It promotes visual arts by encouraging and supporting artists. The circa 1,450 members of the institution firmly anchor it in the cultural scene in Hannover and Lower Saxony.

The association was looking to organize a Curation & Exhibition Planning workshop for the local art students. For this event, the Ikonospace team reproduced the Kunstverein’s beautiful exhibition venue in 3D and Virtual Reality and asked groups of students to curate the various rooms using the Ikonospace Pro Exhibition Designer Software.

Students trying Ikonospace Pro

A jury of 56 students in 10th grade selected 22 artworks from 500 submissions to create the “Digital Autumn Exhibition”. Using the software, at that moment still in development, they were able to curate and virtually hang the artworks themselves in 3D. The exhibition was first unveiled to the public in September 2018 and remained as a VR experience during the month of October. The total production time took about 3 weeks and only 2 days for the curation and deployment.

Kunstverein Hannover Gallery in Virtual Reality

Thanks to projects like this, which involve aspiring artists of the future, it is possible to understand the importance that technology can also have in the field of education. The task of technology and Ikonospace's mission is also to ignite the curiosity of the eager young minds of tomorrow. 

The children’s approach to the world of technology contributes to helping companies like Ikonospace in the development of new software, able to meet the needs of any user, with the sole and only purpose of encouraging the spread of a subject that will prove to be extremely useful in the years to come.

Kunstverein Hannover Gallery in Virtual Reality

Service provided:

  • Consultancy and project management
  • Architectural 3D design
  • Experience design
  • 3D creation
  • Virtual Reality development