Norman Seef

Virtual Reality Museum

All the work of Norman Seeff has been focused on the exploration of human creativity. Photographer and filmmaker, Norman Seeff has immortalized in his photos artists of the caliber of Tina Turner, Patty Smith, Ray Charles and many others. 

The most fascinating aspect of his works is his ability to clearly show all the dynamics hidden behind the creative process. Looking at the world from the back of his camera, Norman Seeff used to quiz the artists who posed for him about their lives or their successes in order to create a mini confessional atmosphere. His purpose was to make these artists tell him about the exact moment in which they had found inspiration for their art. At that precise moment, Norman was able to capture, through his photos, their own soul. 

Inspired by the importance that Norman Seeff gives to the creative process,  the Ikonospace team decided to build this museum from scratch. 

Walking through this three-dimensional space, it is possible to admire how the geometry of the structure blends perfectly with the light that filters through the walls. 

The Norman Seeff Virtual Reality Museum was one of the first showcases of large Virtual Reality Museum for Ikonospace. It was first showcased at CES Las Vegas in 2018, the largest trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. This event typically hosts presentations of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry.

The Ikonospace team wanted to specifically create a type of architecture that is very difficult to build in reality. Inside the museum, for example, there is a room that acts like an elevator, allowing visitors to move around the different floors of the building. A river also flows across the structure to balance with the dense rocks walls.

With the Norman Seeff Virtual Reality Museum, our team explores new ways to interact with artworks. By approaching each photograph and clicking on it, the visitor is literally catapulted into the photo. A sort of time travel to return to the exact moment in which that photograph was taken. The visitor, through extra videos and photos, can relive the moment when the artist was telling his story.


About the artists you can admire inside this museum, Norman Seeff said: "Those people have what I call 'far vision.' They look out to the future. The dreamer always has a vision of the possibilities in the future”. This has been the heart of the inspiration of Ikonospace team: to create an experience to inspire people to have a look into the future, showing them the possibilities that come out when virtual reality meets art.

To build this museum we provided the following services:


  • Consultancy and project management
  • Experience design
  • 3D creation
  • Virtual Reality development
  • Curation