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2 Months
Cheerful Twentyfirst, Museo 3D
See how IKONOSPACE was able to make the LOEWE Craft Prize a fully digital experience in 2021, allowing the show to go on despite cancellation for the physical exhibition. due to the pandemic.

LOEWE, LOEWE Foundation


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Ikonospace, in collaboration with Cheerful Twentyfirst, were commissioned to develop an original concept for LOEWE, in order to bring their yearly Caft Prize exhibition to the digital space.

This allowed the team to relocate the exhibition from the exhibition rooms, right into the famous nave of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris for extra spectacle.

After completing the modelisation of the room, Ikonospace partnered with LOEWE's architectural and Art Direction team to create a surreal lighting and exhibition design.

Bringing the show into the digital realm allowed for impossible lighting, opening up the architecture, reminincent of spanish Haciendas at sunset.

Large concrete walls that could lift up to open new sections of the exhibition were used not only to add a modern feel but also to divide the space into "rooms" such as glass, metal, wood, etc...

The most challenging part of the project was to create photorealistic 3D reproductions of the 30 artworks. Each artwork brought it's own challenges and many different techniques were used ranging from 3D scanning, to photogrammetry and 3D modelling to achieve the best results.

The final product took the form of an interactive website for which Ikonospace developed bespoke state-of the art technologies to achieve the highest level of graphic quality while running smoothly on any devices.

Each artwork was also brought into Augmented Reality for visitors to get a real feel of each artworks size and materiality from within their own home.

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