Virtual Reality

A new frontier for the art and cultural sector.

to engage with your audience.
Virtual Reality opens a new world with infinite possibilities.

Your imagination is the limit.

It is the ideal tool to create context and transport your audience right into the subject matter.

Case Studies
Fully immersive projects, made on request, for the latest Virtual Reality headsets.
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+ Web Galleries

Ikonospace specialises in creating high-end and lightweight 3D Web Galleries.
Contact us to know how to leverage your online presence, create engagement and reach new audiences.

+ Consultancy

Excited to take full advantage of new 3D technologies but don't know where to start?
Our experienced team will help you at every stages from concept to final project delivery.

+ Digitization

Bringing real artworks to the digital world can be a daunting task.
The industry is rapidly evolving and we make sure to help you select the best technologies for your needs.
3D scanning, Photogrammetry, 3D modelling, Architectural work are only a few of the services our team can provide.

+ Research & Design

Creating a Virtual Reality experience requires a lot of research and preparation.
We work hands in hands with curatorial teams and our network of experts to design the most impactful solutions for your audience.

+ Project Management

This multi-disciplinary sector requires real maestros to make it all work in time and in budget.
With Ikonospace, you don't need to worry.
Our project Managers will prepare accurate timelines and report on weekly basis from start to end.

+ Virtual Reality Development

From 3D modelling to Software Development, Music, Graphic Design, Architectural work, User Testing and Optimization - Ikonospace offers a one stop solution for Virtual Reality projects.

+ Staff Training & Maintenance

Bringing new technologies can sometimes be intimidating.
Relying on our extensive experience in small and large venues, we will train your staff so they know how to easily operate the different devices.

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+ Museums & Art Foundations

Many museums have already embraced Virtual Reality to complement their exhibitions.
Don't tell, show it!
VR allows you transport visitors into long lost places or intimate artist's ateliers.
Suitable to all audiences, the latest headsets are now cheap, cable free and easy to maintain.
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+ Private Collections & Art Galleries

How else can you share your entire collection to the world?
Web Galleries and Virtual Reality experiences are incredible tools to showcase artworks at scale in the best setting you can think of.
You can recreate your gallery or create the museum of your dreams.
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+ Artists & Events

With Virtual Reality, artists are free from the laws of physics, space and time.
It allows to create new worlds, incredible intimate experiences or full on experimental voyages.
Artists are only scratching the surface as to what is possible to do with this new medium.
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