Project Year
Production time
6 months
The RFOX Valt is a very ambitious Metaverse project that aims to be a pioneer in the Web 3.0 retail space era.



Creative Direction

Concept Art

3D assets

Software Development (Multiplayer - VR)

Marketing Materials


NFT Production

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RFOX Valt is a Metaverse project commissioned by RFOX, a Web 3.0 company that offers a large range of services based on blockchain technologies, including its own tokens and NFT marketplace.

Ikonospace was approached initially to deliver preliminary marketing material and come up with the lore and setting of the project.

So what is better than make a flying city in the future for NFT owners to show off their NFT collections into high-end virtual galleries?

The team was then tasked to fully develop their MVP (minimum viable product), a multiplayer experience in VR for the Oculus Quest 2 filled with 25 shops that connected to the companies backend to display its users NFTs.

The project is now in full development by the teams of RFOX.

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